Assisting Schools

Secure holiday storage allows schools the ability to let their clean and clutter-free boarding houses with pride and give parents peace of mind that belongings are safe. Laundry management, transport, travel and labelling services ensure a superior product is extended to prospective and existing students.  

Student Concierge Services is an Australian-based support service assisting educational institutions and their students (day and boarding); both domestic, expat and international. SCS provides a vast range of services designed to aid schools in ensuring their boarding facilities and offer are first class.

Our Key Services

SCS offers a comprehensive range of services to schools (day/boarding and homestay) to ensure that students' focus on learning and offers parents peace of mind that their child's needs are being met. 

Student Concierge Connect (SCC) is a division of SCS and specialises in the Secondary Boarding School market and works closely with all relevant parties eg. school, education agent, student and family in finding the right “fit”.